Hello World! 👋

Hello friends!

Welcome to the family.

Bill and I aim to write to you every so often like how a relative might reach out to stay in touch. Some periods more than others. We hope you might write back too :)

It might get a little lonely us writing to your inbox without hearing from you occasionally.

Some things you might write back about:

  • Who you are and where you listen in from
  • Sharing a little about your interests about consciousness, meditation and / or well-being.
  • How you stumbled upon Awake-In
  • One fun fact about yourself! 🤗
  • Your favourite thing about lockdown
    / anything else, not with these prompts

We shall begin first to properly give a little introduction.


In a mixed order, I’ll answer the above:

  • I see myself as a striving modern day renaissance lady; fascinated by so many things – so how can I fit them all into my life?
  • I feel that formal meditation helps me to be in peak form for navigating life. Meditation through journalling and other practices open me up to deeper self-awareness which I highly value. My current greatest use for it is energy-maximisation, essential for doing more in the day.
  • Well-being has been a side product through practice and I revel in the nuggets I receive, though holistic health over this lockdown period has become really dominant for me. Diet and cleanses, gut health, sleep, yoga, energy cycles and the power of ceremony.
  • The lockdown experience for the most part has felt like a much needed retreat, with time to close old stories, bring healing and jump into invigorating starts.


  • Like Jasmine I have lots of interests. I may also be borderline autistic, but I like to think I’m high-functioning.
  • Meditation means more things to me now than it used to. It’s an anchor back to the present, and a way to keep focused, manage my temper, and live with a clear(er) mind. It’s a deep breath that stills an argument. It’s just knowing you’re alive. Sometimes it means much more than this.
  • Lockdown has been tough for me to be honest – I work at home with my family, and now we never get a break from each other! I’m trying to see silver linings, and there are a few.

So. That’s it from us. We hope you’ll say hi. We hope the podcast is interesting and fun to listen to – it’s been loads of fun to make it!

All the best, wherever you are.


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