🚀 Episode 0.1 – Introduction 🎉

Me and Jasmine kick things off. It’s a beta episode!

We get into our ideas and ambitions for the podcast, and discuss a range of topics:

  • Talking to regular people not just the ‘masters’
  • Integrating insights from meditation into ‘real life’
  • The limits of enlightenment – in terms of how it shapes personality and morality.
  • The history of “enlightened master” scandals!
  • Supernatural powers in the old scriptures (the Bible, the Buddhist suttas)

Book mentioned: Lorin Roche’s “Meditation Made Easy” – Highly recommended!

Hope you enjoy! Please get in touch if you do :)


Youtube version (audio only)


  1. Interesting.
    1. It got better after you’d stopped giggling.
    2. If you’re going to start making major claims about e.g. whether or not enlightenment works or gurus shag their students, your audience might be more confident if you could be a bit more rigorous about the sources you’re drawing on.
    3. It’ll be interesting to see how your different styles mesh over time.

    But it was an engaging listen! Thanks

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